Ruth Cleland

Concrete Abstraction

27th Jul –
20th Aug 2016

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 20 August, 11am

New paintings by RUTH CLELAND extend a preoccupation with surface, texture and the fall of light in usually overlooked locations.

Following on from "Kingdom Come", her previous solo exhibition at the gallery, Cleland continues her fascination with underground parking buildings and her exploration of the very grid structures she utilises in her processes.

Cleland’s meticulous painting technique contrasts with the irregularities she chooses to render. Tightly painted grids in fields of subtle colour contrast with details of reflective, stained and worn surfaces in her studies. Close attention is paid to light reflecting upon a carpark entranceway, its surface made shiny from multitudes of rubber tyres. Elongated painted markings appear cryptic, almost signifying as they stretch along concrete supports within Cleland’s careful compositions.

"Concrete Abstraction" is made up of seven paintings in acrylic on board, single works as well as multiple-panel diptychs and a triptych.


  1. Aug. 2016. Ruth Cleland | Ocular Fusion | Fox Jensen Gallery
  2. Jul. 2016. Public Programmes | Ruth Cleland Artist Talk