Sam Mitchell

Desires Postponed

24th Aug –
17th Sep 2016

New Perspex domes and watercolours by SAM MITCHELL contain explorations of good intentions and thwarted ambitions.

Perspex domes see Mitchell’s signature collections of intricate and outlined drawings painted in colourful acrylics. Accompanying these dynamic, three-dimensional works are inky-blue monochromatic watercolours on found paper, each capturing imperfect and haunting individuals.

Mitchell takes her inspiration from characters like Hedy Lamarr who worked as an actress in Hollywood in the 1940s before going on to co-invent spread-spectrum technology which lay dormant for twenty years before being used during the Cuban Missile Crisis and later forming the basis for modern Wifi.

Personages such as Lamarr are accompanied by other jilted historical figures including ill-fated creators of popular board-games, hollow-eyed monuments and weeping madonnas. These new works also feature elements in gold, Mitchell’s trademark birds as well as jewel-like Rococo curlicues.

Painted perspex dome works are sculptural.  Images show only one aspect.  Please visit the gallery or contact us for further images.

Watercolour works are available individually. Images are available on request.  Please contact the gallery.  There are over 50 of them so not all on the website.