Martin Poppelwell

Lost to the Horizon

10th Oct –
3rd Nov 2018

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, 9th October, 5.30-7.30pm
ELECTRIC NIGHT: Thursday 11th October, 6-9pm

New paintings by MARTIN POPPELWELL are an outcome from recent travels through Northland and the Hokianga.
Drawing from landscape, encounters, reading and conversation these works register a current of the present.
Works on canvas and linen float form and line, grids and lumps and garden produce, articulating a basic reality of presence and place.

Note: The gallery will be closed for Labour Weeekend 20 - 23 October inclusive.


  1. Oct. 2018. Closed Labour Weekend
  2. Aug. 2018. Artweek Auckland | Sam Mitchell & Martin Poppelwell
  3. Jul. 2018. Martin Poppelwell | East | Hastings City Art Gallery